Organize company events, seminars and courses online and give your staff, customers or partners the opportunity to participate from everywhere!

SemiLive® is a Digital platform and Mobile App for live streams and on-demand video content.


Does your organization struggle with the common challenge of hosting events that everyone is able to join due to multiple locations (in different countries or cities) or shift work?

SemiLive gives an ecological, economical and an equal way for your network to to participate without any distance or time limitations.

With our platform you can:

  • Host public and private online events, live streamings (option for password protected and / or email restricted streams)​
  • Host online events on your branded SemiLive site (example 1 & example 2)
  • Have a customization; hand crafted, branded SemiLive site for your event or long term business​
  • Bring pre-recorded video content online (private or public)
  • Make high quality streaming and video productions with SemiLive
  • Sell tickets pay-per-view basis from our ticket shops, with all major payment options​ or give viewing rights for your staff, customers and other network​
  • Our platform scales – no matter if your stream has 10 or 100 000 viewers
  • Reach worldwide audience​
  • Have a technical support and customer service staff during live streaming
  • Interact with your audience via text and/or video chat​ during live streaming
  • Arrange Meet & Greets after the event​

SemiLive provides full online event service from booking artists to sending invitations to your audience and streaming the full experience!

SemiLive is easy to use via website and native mobile app for iOS and Android devices, and it is supported for Chromecast and Apple TV. We provide full technical support and customer help chat​.

Your content is safe with us: only viewers who have paid (or granted access otherwise) can watch your content​. You can have an automated and detailed ticket sales report: how many viewers you had and where they were watching from.

Let’s do your SemiLive!
SemiLive®​ Create, Share, Impact​

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