“What people will see is four guys who have been waiting a long time to get back on stage, and will deliver the best stream show ever!” – Lost Society promises.

Lost Society will perform unique livestream gigs on SemiLive on Wednesday May 20th and Thursday May 21st. Band’s vocalist-guitarist Samy Elbanna shared his thoughts on upcoming live stream gigs and this weird spring.

– I must say that it has been a very different spring. Of course we have been super bummed that we won't be able to play "physical" shows for a while, but as we always like to look on the brighter side of life – we've had A LOT of time to rehearse, write more music and prepare ourselves for all future tours! And obviously we've been anticipating the upcoming stream shows a lot, and we've prepared a SICK set for everyone who'll be joining us!

Lost Society’s new album No Absolution (released February 21st) just reached 5 million streams. The band has received good feedback.

– Going in to the new album and releasing the first singles we expected a lot of opinions, both good and bad – but I must say that having the whole record out and people getting to hear the whole thing, the feedback has been incredibly good! And of course the thing that I feel is most important is that we love the album and are super proud of every single song on it, Samy says.

According to Samy, No Absolution is different from their previous albums.

– Of course it’s different. When (IF) someday we'd stop making music, I want to look back and see that we've always stayed true to what we want to do ourselves, and never have kept ourselves in a certain musical "Box". I want to release music that I like, and for each album it can be something totally different! I think that's the best part of being a musician and writing music - there are literally NO rules.

Samy and the other members of the band are excited about the SemiLive gigs.

– What people will see is 4 guys who have been waiting A LONG time to get back on stage, and will deliver the best stream show ever! I've been doing a lot of streaming lately and know first hand, that the interaction with fans and band definitely can happen very beautifully during a stream! You'll have to get a ticket to find out! 😉

Lost Society line-up
Samy Elbanna – Guitar & Vocals
Arttu Lesonen – Guitar
Mirko Lehtinen – Bass
Tapani “Taz” Fagerström – Drums

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