“We are waiting for the upcoming gig” - Dark Sarah at SemiLive on next Friday

Dark Sarah released their newest album “Grim” July 17th and will play at On the Rocks Helsinki this week's Friday August 7th. This is their first live stream gig. There will be limited amount of people at On the Rocks, but SemiLive offers the same live feeling to every fan via live stream. The gig will be found as recorded version from the SemiLive platform. We interviewed Heidi Parviainen, Dark Sarah’s singer about band’s summer and the upcoming gig.

– This will be our first live stream gig and we are looking forward to Friday and all the arrangements – now when there is also video crew included. It will be exciting to see the recording afterwards by ourselves and see did we manage to make the live feeling up to homes! It’s great that in this situation, it’s possible for fans to get to see their favorite bands. In addition, many of our foreign fans will see the live show for the first time.

Although the members of the band have spent a lot of time in their own circumstances during the summer, Heidi says that they have been busy with the things concerning the release of the album.

– We have spent a long time in our own circumstances and wondered about the situation in the world. However, we have been busy with the release of the new album, such as filming of music videos, crowdfunding and numerous interviews. It’s nice to finally get to the gig!

According to Heidi, completion of the album has not been more affected by the coronavirus. The new album offers an interesting sequel to the fantasy world.

– All of our records are concept albums and each of them tells a follow-up story. Grim begins a whole new sequel with a horror-fantasy theme. The story tells of a town called Grim and its inhabitants who have lived under the monstrous rule of a monster named Mörk for centuries. The new protagonist Luna arrives in Grim and begins a fight to liberate its inhabitants.

Heidi tells that the band has little tense feelings towards Fridays gig, in a good way. However, this is the first live stream gig for them and at the same time a celebration for the new record.

– We will play many new songs and it’s always exciting to play new material at the first time. The live show is planned with piety and we believe that the evening is gonna be great! Album release parties have always that special feeling of their own.

Grim release will be celebrated at On The Rocks Helsinki on 7th August. The show will be streamed live worldwide!

Doors (stream opens) - 20:00
Crimsom Sun - 20:45 (EET)
Dark Sarah - 22:00 (EET)
(21:00 CET, 20:00 GMT, 3:00 pm EST, 12:00 pm PST)

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