Unprecedented special! We were literally on fire! – Turmion Kätilöt will open the Tuska Utopia series on Friday

While music and travel industries are suffering from the lockdown and people around the globe have fewer opportunities to enjoy concerts and fulfil their wanderlust, Tuska Utopia offers a new way of experiencing both of these. The concept sees Finnish artists performing and audiences embarking on a journey to intriguing landscapes in the global home of heavy metal, from disused gasometers to church ruins.

The main star of the first episode of Tuska Utopia is the industrial metal band Turmion Kätilöt. The band released their new album Global Warning last spring, and is looking forward to Friday’s premiere.

Photo: Anastasia Pajanen

– We have thought about ​​a live stream gig many times. We weren’t really excited about performing without an audience. Of course, we weren’t against the streaming gig, but we still wanted to give something special to replace the real live situation. Now here is something involved. It was great to play, the band's soloist MC Raaka Pee describes.

– As I said to a media representative; Unprecedented special! Yes, we were literally in flames, Shag-U, the band's other soloist, says.

Turmion Kätilöt will be seen at the home of Tuska Festival, at Suvilahti gasometer in Helsinki. The song list is a comprehensive cross-section of the band’s production.

– In addition to the production of the new album, the band's and members' own favorites were chosen as the songs of the gig. Yes, hits were sought and the best possible cross-section of the band's production. Of course, not all delicacies fit in one gig, but yes you can get excited about those songs, Shag-U tells.

There is a completely unprecedented show coming up and the band is also impressed with and excited about it. Friday’s premiere is going to be explosive. Why is this worth seeing, hearing and experiencing?

– First of all, this has never come from our band before, and not really from anyone else. And our fans know we’re not going to get involved in any shit. Now we were able to make such a performance with Tuska that the weaker ones will be terrified and where we didn’t have to compromise on anything. A delicious performance in every way that we ourselves would like to see. For those who have never seen or heard of us, this gives just the picture of us that we want to give. As long as the world gives a little mercy, it is worth coming to see our live show, if you dare, Shag-U sums up.

– Otherwise you will be annoyed, MC Raaka Pee notes at the end.

So don’t miss this show and come to check it out on Friday November 13th at 21.00 (UTC+2) at semilive.fi

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