Unprecedented Finnish film tribute and revelations about the film world – Tatu Sinisalo & Riskiryhmä at SemiLive next Saturday

The unprecedented movie tribute by actor Tatu Sinisalo & Riskiryhmä is Finnish rock fireworks and anecdotes behind the scenes of the films! What exactly is it about?

According to Tatu Sinisalo, Riskiryhmä originally consisted of the need to employ unemployed musicians. The composition of Riskiryhmä is Leevi Lehikoinen, Ville Luukkonen, Petri Kytö, and Heikki Wikström. Sinisalo describes these musicians, who graduated from the Sibelius Academy, as multi-talents.

– I met Leevi Lehikoinen through the Sámi musician Hildá Länsman. He was then studying in the Sibelius Academy’s Global Music degree program. I asked Leevi if he would like to play together and asked if he knew any other good guys who could come along. These guys have played hundreds of gigs, they're all longer line musicians.

– At this upcoming gig, we will rock the best songs of artists familiar from my film and stage roles, such as: Loiri, Haloo Helsinki, Apulanta, Kari Tapio and Olavi Uusivirta. I have asked a blessing from them personally to interpret songs, Sinisalo tells.

Sinisalo, who graduated from the University of Tampere's Degree Programme in Theatre Arts, hopes that the audience will also ask questions about the film industry during the gig. In addition to acting, Sinisalo also has experience in music and especially musicals.

– I rarely get to talk to the audience about Finnish films and here is a great moment for it. I think in this gig personality will be emphasized and a lot of stories will be heard. Even the audience doesn't have to rush to the forefront to shout questions and wish the band hears them. You can ask us questions directly via chat.

– I've done a lot of musicals, now most recently, I was involved in this spring Maailma on tehty meitä varten musical, which we performed for about one month and then the theater performances were suspended. In addition to musicals, I've been involved in a matter of a band, for example, Kasualisti.

Sinisalo also sees other good angles in livestream gigs.

– Livestream gigs definitely have potential and maybe they could become the new wave in the gig world. Although live is always live, of course, this would allow you to get to the international gigs without traveling. At the same time, it would be more ecological when you don’t have to think about flying or driving. And so, beer is cheaper at home, Sinisalo laughs.

– Anyway, we want the gig to be cheerful. A bit like the last gig of the evening at the summer festivals. We want to bring joy to people's spring!

How is the role of the film constructed? Does Tatu have a favorite toilet paper brand? – All this will be told on Saturday at Tatu Sinisalo & Riskiryhmä's SemiLive gig at 7pm (UTC+3)!

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