“Tiktak’s return gigs reminded me that I am a friend of band music!” Commented Petra, who will perform on Saturday.

Lovely Petra, who has become known as the singer of Tiktak, will be seen at the SemiLive gig next Saturday. In January, Petra released her fourth solo album Miljoona syytä.

– The album is a review of my life over the last three years. Especially musically, I return a little closer to my roots, that is, to the recording of live instruments, after a more electronic phase. Maybe Tiktak’s return gigs reminded me that I am a friend of band music! I wanted that the feeling of the album is hope. I think this album is a really good counterbalance to this scary time, she describes.

Petra has done a lot of live stream gigs and she is looking forward to her upcoming SemiLive gig.

– I’ve done live stream gigs before in my social media channels. Now when “normal” gigs can’t be done, there’s more time left for these. I like this form really much, because somehow these gigs make it easier to chatting with audience between songs more than on stage in front of people. It’s easier to forget the role of the artist and tell stories about things that wouldn’t otherwise be talked about. I think this is also a more intimate gig experience for the audience when you can have a gig on your own home couch, Petra thinks.

– There will be new songs from the new album at the gig, but I promise that gems from Tiktak's production will also be dug. I certainly promise a warm, present atmosphere and an absolutely positive and encouraging feel for this difficult time, artist says.

Petra will perform as a duo on Saturday 18th of April at 19pm (UTC+3) on SemiLive.
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