Theater for children – Reetta bear is entertained virtually


Mikkeli Theater's children's play Reetta bear and the secret of a storybook can now be viewed on SemiLive! This is also the first theatrical performance on the service – but a sequel is promised.

In the story, Reetta bear and her friends dive into the storybook. But in what fairy tales are Reetta, the beaver Maisa and the bunny Peetu adventuring? And how on earth do they get out of the pages of the book? You can help friends on an adventure.


In roles
Reetta bear – Marjo-Riikka Romo
Maisa beaver – Riina Uimonen
Peetu bunny – Tuomas Turkka

Scriptwriter – Marjo-Riikka Romo
Director – Riina Uimonen

St. Michel Strings

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