The international music world is watching Cyan Kicks - band's new single deals with overconsumption

Cyan Kicks is a Helsinki-based alternative rock band that is currently working on their second album – the debut album “I Don’t Love You”, released in 2019, immediately received an Emma Gala nomination.

– The first album was a breakup-themed, while the next one goes to completely different topics, says the band's bassist Leevi.

– The second album deals with the world situation, mental health problems and other tough topics. But while the album is clearly tougher than the previous one, it also includes much lighter songs than the debut album, continues composer, guitarist and keyboardist Niila.

– This album takes a stand. We’ve created songs about things we want to talk about, says singer Susanna Alexandra.

One of these songs is Wish You Well, released on the date of this article (May 8th), contains a very clear message: the song tells of filling one's own mental emptiness with useless material. Wish You Well wants to make people think about overconsumption and its true price. A related music video will also be published for the song.

Cyan Kicks sees new opportunities in live stream gigs in the future as well.

– I'm excited, because this is also a way to get to perform at the same time the fans around the world, says Susanna Aleksandra.

– This situation should be seen as an opportunity to create something new, and precisely such things that might not be possible with basic live gigs, continues the band's drummer Pietari.

– It’s exciting what it feels like to perform without an audience that interacts largely in a basic gig, Susanna Aleksandra ponders.

Cyan Kicks will perform on Friday 8.5. at 8pm at SemiLive: Tickets and additional information.

After the live show, the band will answer questions on the Instagram live!

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