Tampere Flute Fest is an international event. Interview with Beatriz Macías and Petri Mäkiharju.


The Tampere Flute Fest will be held on April 24th-25th at Tampere Hall. Sunday April 25th events will be streamed by SemiLive. The two-day festival will see a diverse coverage of musical events for everyone in the form of masterclasses, competitions, and concerts. SemiLive interviewed the festival’s Artistic Director Beatriz Macías and Producer Petri Mäkiharju.

Tampere Flute Fest was held for the first-time last year, hosting the world’s first online flute festival. This year Tampere Flute Fest celebrates a new edition!

Tampere Flute Fest sees international guests from all over the world such as artists, teachers, and young talent. A big part of the festival is the Young Artist Competition, which has received a record number of participants from around the world this year.

The festival will be held on Saturday, April 24th in the form of masterclasses, and will be open to public view via the Tampere Flute Fest's Facebook Page. Sunday’s events will be streamed via SemiLive and offer a diverse program for all. According to Beatriz, the festival gives flutists more interactive and global opportunities, as well as various entertaining events for the non-musical audience to enjoy.

– Two special events we’ve implemented to this year’s festival is a Children's Concert, featuring Veera Degerholm from the children’s television series Pikku kakkonen, and an all-Nordic inspired Gala Concert in collaboration with Top-Finnish fashion designer Jukka Rintala.

As the highlight day of the festival, Sunday, April 25th events are a must-attend, offering dynamic events for both young and old. The day starts at noon with a magical Children’s Concert inspired by ancient Galician legends and moves on to a recital given by last year’s Young Artist Competition First-Prize Winner Janette Leván. The day will continue with a masterclass and recital given by internationally renowned flutists Silvia Careddu and end with a spectacular Gala Concert featuring orchestral and solo flutists from Finland and abroad. A true “feast for the senses”!

 Organizing an international festival is extremely interesting and rewarding, even though there is a lot of work behind it. Tampere Flute Fest has found its place in Finland, but also internationally.

– We have received really positive feedback and are fortunate to count on the support of major companies in the industry around the world. Without their support, this festival would not be possible. There are local enthusiasts and flute companies in every continent who have provided us with the means to make this festival happen. Everyone misses live events and we just want to offer an alternative in a high-quality fashion.

Silvia Careddu, International Soloist / Kansainvälinen solisti

– Professionally streaming from Tampere hall, will allow us to provide our viewers with a high-quality event. And, most importantly, it gives our audience the opportunity to truly dive into the stage with us and experience the same emotions they would get at an actual live occasion. With “state of the art” facilities, artists, and collaborators, we believe our 2021 Tampere Flute Fest will uplift, inspire and be everything our audience is waiting for!

Expectations for the festival are high. Beatriz anticipates for Tampere Flute Fest to make a unique, significant, and positive impact in the cultural world with its 2nd Edition!

– Our own expectations for the festival are high and we anticipate to make a unique, significant and positive impact in the cultural scene with our 2nd Edition! We hope that we will welcome a large audience, and, above all, we hope that the planned Festival will be carried out in the highest possible quality and without any glitches in the system, which are always a possibility at online events. Whatever the case, we’re prepared for the surprises of life and ready to pull yet another spectacular festival!

For more information of the different tickets and purchasing tickets visit this page!

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