ST. Michael Strings – The opening of the classical genre in the autumn season

Jaakko Antila, curator of the Mikkeli City Orchestra, is excited about the collaboration with SemiLive.

According to Jaakko, the Mikkeli City Orchestra has done streams before. These have been shown in the E-concerthouse and some of the recordings can be viewed on the orchestra’s Youtube channel.

- Smaller videos have been made occasionally. We haven’t investment into them so much, except for the quality of the production itself. The marketing side has been deficient. With SemiLive, we are upgrading to previous streaming activities.

Virtual gigs Jaakko sees it as a good alternative alongside traditional performance.

- Streaming gigs are a good addition to our activities today. We have done few free streams every year. The corona crisis created a need for more streams. This is a new product for the public, especially for those people who don’t dare or can’t go to the concert hall.

The upcoming concerts and streams of the autumn will include a varied performance as well as art from the caches of the archives. The Mikkeli City Orchestra’s autumn season will be opened by a father-son duo!

- The opening concert will be a special event that had to be postponed from the spring. Chief conductor Erkki Lasonpalo and his father, Concertmaster Jyrki Lasonpalo will perform in collaboration with Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante. The opening concert will also feature Arvo Pärt’s work Summa, which composer turns 85 on the day of the concert.

According to Jaakko, there will be various performances throughout the autumn.

- The aim is to make each season diverse. For example, we have a local collaboration with a music college. Among other things, a 120-year-old piano concerto by Laura Netzel found in the archive, which has never been premiered, will be performed. Ida Elina’s Christmas concert is also in the upcoming performances.

The Mikkeli City Orchestra is well prepared for the coming autumn season for live streams.

- Our concert hall (Mikaeli) is one of the best in Finland in terms of acoustics. I think the acoustics are conveyed well even through videos. The orchestra is always strengthened with additional instrumentalists if necessary. For example, the opening concert will have four blowers in addition. We have had the Saimaa Sinfonietta -orchestra for years so that we can play the music of a larger orchestra. Our standard line-up includes a 12-member string orchestra, which is supplemented as needed. With Lappeenranta we have 40-50 musicians. In other collaborations with other orchestras, up to 100 people in the line-up if the choir is included. Ther is room on the stage.

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