SemiLive is nominated for Production Service of the Year!


“The annual internal awards gala in the music industry celebrates last year’s successes. The Industry Awards is a prestigious thank you from your own community, the Finnish music professionals.

The gala will reward, the media person of the year, the record company of the year, the festival of the year and many more. In addition to the traditional awards, the mainstay of the year and the leader of the future, have been chosen. Special recognitions include life work awards and the annual Tampere Music Award.”

Happily, we have accepted the nomination for Production Service of the Year! Being a candidate already means a lot to us. In the spring of 2020, the starting point was to support artists and come up with employment opportunities for professionals whose entire summer (eventually a year) work had been canceled. Very quickly it was decided to focus especially on Finnish international artists who were stuck in Finland.

For more than a year, the SemiLive team has worked night and day on building the service, streaming gigs at night and in the morning in more than a hundred different destination countries, been at the front rove of creating a whole new culture and having endless discussions about why and how to develop a streaming culture. Among other things, we have released the SemiLive app, which makes it easier to watch gigs and serves as a tool for the future to watch streaming content that has risen alongside live events.

We would also like to congratulate the other nominees, especially Jouni Markkanen, Eeka Mäkynen and Annina Pikkumäki, with whom we have had the pleasure of collaborating on stream concerts.

Thanks to everyone who suggested us!

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