Will streaming gigs be the next big trend? - That's what Younghearted thinks

Finnish indie pop band Younghearted will perform at SemiLive on Sunday. Band members Reeta, Emil and Atte shared their feelings and thoughts about their music and streaming gigs.

– We are fine and there are no major concerns. In the midst of these strange times, it is sad, of course, that the spring tour was canceled and even the summer looks largely uncertain, but nothing can be done about it. However, there is enough work to do, we try to write the songs of the next album and to record them during the summer. Fortunately, live streaming has become a small phenomenon, so gigs are not completely left out either.

The band says their goal is to make melodic and beautiful songs, both going and calm. Their most popular song, “Hetkeksi” has been listened to on Spotify more than 10 million times. The band believes that their songs evoke a wide range of emotions, especially at this time.

– Our songs deal with relatively different situations, although most talk about some sort of interpersonal relationship. Some songs tell of longing, which is certainly a familiar feeling to many living in isolation at the moment. Some are more songs with a good feel. No matter what emotional state everyone is in, hopefully people will find something empowering in our songs that will help them get out of worry and be more present in an instant.

The band thinks livestream gigs are potential in the future as well. They also promise an atmospheric evening at SemiLive.

– Virtual live gigs could become the next big phenomenon. It would also seem that sensibly conducted virtual gigs could be a way to bring more cash flow to artists alongside normal tours in the future. We promise to create an atmosphere that comes behind the screen as if you were in the front row, but without queuing and congestion. We will also wear the best clothes and put makeup on the boys face because now we can’t hide in the depths of the stage as usual. Hope as many people as possible come to watch our gig!

Younghearted live @ SemiLive 26.4.2020.
Check out clip from the gig here

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