“We humans will survive” – Finnish rap artist Kube will perform on Friday on SemiLive

In the near future, SemiLive will offer its viewers a variety of gigs in the fields of pop, rock and children's music. However, this is just the beginning, and we plan to expand the artist coverage even beyond genre boundaries!

Finnish rap artist Kube, who has released five studio albums, will perform at SemiLive on Friday, April 10th, starting at 7 pm. Kube is known as loyal to his birthplace, Hakunila. This district is also mentioned in the title of his album “Hakunila Killah” released last autumn.

- The beginning of the year has included new projects and Fam-Time! The children have been in a so-called home school, which has worked well for us. On the other hand, the gigs have been canceled or postponed so making money now requires creative solutions. But yes, we humans will survive this! In my opinion, it is cool that despite the situation people can enjoy live music, Kube describes the current situation.

Nowadays, Kube also runs his own label. Killah Records, which recently opened its doors, aims to bring out new unique artists. In addition to Kube, for example, Mari Johanna, Sexgang and Matti8 belong to Killah Records.

Kube on the stage of SemiLive on Thursday 9.4. at 7pm. Get your ticket now!

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