“The gaze is strongly on the horizon” - Tommi Läntinen's year has been a time of construction

Tommi Läntinen Trio will perform on April 9th at SemiLive. The charismatic and gorgeous singer-songwriter hopes that the current situation will leave something good and necessary to the world. Community and love have brightened.

Photo: Marek Sabogal

Tommi Läntinen became popular as a singer of Boycott in the 1980s. He has been writing, performing and recording music for over forty years.

– The early part of the year has been special, but also good. In terms of work, this has been a strong time for construction and here I'm one of seven billion people. But the direction is forward, Läntinen describes.

The artist’s last year was eventful. His biography Tommi Läntinen - Ääretön ikävä (written by Susanna Ruuhilahti) was published and he also visited rap artist Kid1's song Poika joka pelkäs pimeetä.

– I got a lot of good feedback on the book. But it feels the last year's projects are far away at the moment but in a good way. My own mind is in this moment and the gaze is on the horizon, new music, new partnerships and a new phase are coming, Läntinen sums up.

Läntinen is an experienced artist and has performed in numerous TV appearances, but has no previous experience with live stream gigs.

The situation is definitely different, because I always take the audience with me at gigs. But I think even in this situation, I can immerse myself completely in the music. We’re going to play hits and familiar songs that the audience hopes for, but also the songs that appeal to me best now. We play together with Henrik Strang and Marko Kataja. They are both great musicians and my dear friends.

Tommi Läntinen Trio on the stage of SemiLive on Thursday 9.4. at 7pm. Get your ticket now!

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