”It is going to be musical fireworks display”

Today, the exotic line-up Nuevo Quinteto Otra Vez & Joakim Berghäll will take the stage. This ensemble fuses different genres together and offers the audience a journey into the world of rhythm. According to BMusic's event producer Petri Mäkiharju, this is a musical laboratory.

- Combining genres has been the whole idea of ​​the Tangolab club. The club has been running for a year. We started in September 2019. Argentine tango has been the undertone for the action, but visitors from different genres are brought to each club. In practice, we happily break boundaries by playing with music. There has been colorful selection from different performers, among others: Panu Savolainen, Kari Ikonen and Maria Lund.

According to Petri, tonight’s show will be memorable.
- It will be a musical fireworks display. Tangolab is inspired by the 1970s collaboration between Astor Piazzolla and Gerry Mulligan. Joakim brings his own color as a Finnish virtuoso and contemporary jazz master. He brings his own cheer to the traditional Argentine tango.

Petri sees virtual gigs as an opportunity as well as today’s norm.
- Due to the circumstances, virtual gigs are starting to be a daily “normal state” for everyone. They no longer evoke such great opinions in one direction, if any, as they did six months ago. Today, we find virtual gigs quite normal. It’s great to get to do my first project with SemiLive.

- Nuevo Quinteto Otra Vez is a rather traditional line-up. The band started twenty years ago. With its original line-up, it toured the world for about ten years. The band then moved on to a more traditional Argentine bar. The current line-up has been playing for five years and the word “Nuevo” was added to the name. This is definitely Finland’s top group, which has been gathered here. Our band is dedicated to creating new music. We improvise and explore the different possibilities of music.

The band is excited to take the stage with Joakim.
- In fact, the cooperation feels really good. Joakim will replace the German soloist. The gig was supposed to be back last spring, but the whole club had to be moved to the fall. Due to a travel restriction, the original soloist Alexander Von Hagke was unable to attend. We wondered who could be Alexander's replacement in Finland. Joakim can be said with a good heart as “Alexander Hagke of Finland”. He boldly jumps to the deep end of the pool to see how we float forward here.

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