I'm excited like a lil kid! – Niila is ready for the SemiLive gig

Niila is a Berlin based singer/songwriter from Finland. His first steps into the international market took place in 2015, when signing a record deal with Universal Music Germany and touring the international stages with Sunrise Avenue as their opening act. Niila shared his thoughts on the upcoming gig and his next album.

– It's a cool time feeling the summer approaching and seeing the city come back to life again as the quarantine days are slowly in the past. Live stream gigs are now a great chance for artists to get to perform their music during the exceptional times. Of course nothing can beat the real life interaction but especially with the concept that SemiLive guys are doing; properly filmed and recorded, it really is the next best thing!

Niila is currently finishing his long-awaited second album.

– My few latest singles had some more electronic elements but the second album will go deep back in my roots with acoustic guitar and organic sound, he describes.

Niila’s SemiLive gig will be very special, because Niila has Viviology Gospel Choir (Trio) with him on the stage.

– I met them (Viviology Gospel Choir) in Berlin when they came to the studio to sing backing vocals for my first album and was blown away. I've always been a fan of a 'gospel-choir sound' and it's ridiculous how powerful their sound is. These three ladies can break some windows! This is the first time doing a live performance with them so I'm excited like a lil kid!

– The gig will be filmed at a viby studio room here in Berlin. It will be an acoustic set of songs from my first album mixed with unreleased songs from the upcoming album. I will have Derek Ullenboom switching between guitar, mandolin and banjo and the Viviology-ladies belting behind us so the earth will be shaking a little bit haha! Can't wait!

Niila @ SemiLive 6.6.2020

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