“If grandma wants to skate, let her skate” Ruma sums up his song that will be heard at the gig

Rnb music, soulful rap and urban pop will be served by Ruma, who will perform at SemiLive next Thursday (May 7th). Known for his memorable sound, the artist released new music in January - Tohvelisankari tells a familiar story from a friend’s perspective.

– The song is made according to its name “under one's thumb type of man”, but with such a twist that the narrator of the story is the friend of that guy. The friend of “under one's thumb” guy wants the old friend back and feels it would be better, Ruma says.

The song has been well received and praised for its identity, and Ruma admits that the story is partly based on true events.

– It combines many different cases - maybe, he laughs.

Before the song Tohvelisankari Ruma has released EP EP (2019) and the debut album Helsinki (2018). The artist has made music with numerous producers and writers, and is inspired to make songs usually with a good beat.

– Usually I immediately record a little melody and then the words come after it. This sounds strange, but I feel like I am like an intermediary in music, that is, the words and melodies come from some consciousness. Some even talk about “source,” he ponders. Ruma doesn’t believe in forcing what to do, or trying to make a song about joy on a bad day. The songs need to be given time.

From the listener's point of view, Ruma stands out with its personal sound and energy. Finding sound has gone hand in hand with searching new.

– I think behind my sound is the fact that I listened to the soul, funk, R&B and rap genres as teenagers when I started collecting vinyl records. I love discovering new things and hate certain old formulas.

Ruma's SemiLive gig will feature, among other things, the song Weirdo, which is at the same time both a personal growth story and contains an important message.

– Be what you want to be and don't listen to others. If grandma wants to skate, let her skate, the artist sums up. He hopes the song would get people to pursue their dreams and challenge the thinking of what others are saying.

Ruma's gig @ SemiLive 7.5.2020: Tickets and more info here

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