"I would like to see this concert from the audience" - Ida Elina in an interview


The Christmas concert, conjured up by the popular pop kantele player Ida Elina and conductor Teemu Hämäläinen, attracts its listeners into the atmosphere of a soft and white Christmas. Traditional and newer Christmas songs get a renewed musical look as kantele arrangements by Ida Elina and a joint interpretation by the St. Michel Strings.

We interviewed Ida Elina about her streamed Christmas concert. The streamed concerts have become familiar to Ida Elina, who performed at, among other things, historical Finland's Independence Day's celebration called "Linnan Juhlat".

– I was very surprised when I was asked to be one of the performers among all the artists. It was an honor and a great experience and I got a lot of good feedback.

Streaming concerts lack the right audience and reactions, but Ida Elina thinks streaming gigs are also fun.

– It’s a bit like shooting one gig-length music video. On the other hand, the mood is a bit like on TV – things go as they go, she says.

Ida Elina believes that the concert, which will be broadcast on Thursday, will have a wonderful and fresh sound.

– There will be something that you have never heard! The combination of a kantele and a string orchestra is really rare. In addition, we have such a division of labor that I take care of the rhythm side of the kantele, and the string orchestra paints and plays even perhaps differently from the traditional!

The concert program has been built in collaboration with conductor Teemu Hämäläinen. His career began as a violinist, and with his studies as a conductor, work has shifted from an orchestra to a conductor’s podium. Teemu Hämäläinen is the artistic director and chief conductor of Sinfonietta Fortis.

– The songs were decided together, and there are also many of my own favorites. I’m really looking forward to White Christmas, for example, where I’m actually playing something other than my kantele, Ida Elina reveals at the end of the interview.

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