Hazy adaptations and electronic versions – this is promised for Sani’s gig

Sani, also known as the soloist of Aikakone, performs together with Tuomas “Gary” Keskinen and Janne Kasurinen at SemiLive. The artist, who has released three solo albums, promises to sing hopeful songs at her gig.

Sani has worked with music for a long time and has released the albums Kaikki laulut, Pedon kynnet and Aulanko in her solo career. Her latest album was released in 2014 and now she considers to do her next solo album.

– Actually right now, I just enjoy touring and staying healthy. I have already received so much with Aikakone that can be achieved in Finland. However, I am already dreaming of my next album.

Sani released her latest single “Virhe” this spring. How are good songs created?

– The best songs can come from anywhere, even while driving a car. I wrote most of the songs for Aikakone, and yes from those texts can be found my own stories. I still remember where the songs were born.

Sani performs at SemiLive with two true music professionals. Tuomas “Gary” Keskinen has also played with several bands, including Technicolor, Negative and Forte Silence. He promises new arrangements for San’s gig.

– We will use guitar arrangements that are hazy sleepy, as well as acoustic arrangements. There will also be machine versions of a few songs with a bit of a new feel, Gary says.

Sani @ SemiLive 15.5.2020: Tickets and more info

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