“The great atmosphere is coming and I want to get people off their couches to have a party” - violinist Elisa Järvelä promises

Violinist Elisa Järvelä will perform at SemiLive on Friday. He is known as a crackling performer and the gig will be a party trip around the world via SemiLive!

– The early part of the year has been good, plans of the spring and the summer changed little, but I’m not the only one. I have composed and it was nice to get the opportunity to come to perform in SemiLive! I look forward to it, Elisa Järvelä says.

Järvelä has been playing the violin since she was 4 years old and has a background in classical music, but in her own words, she has always loved rhythm music as well.

– My own music is diverse, really just about everything you can find. I have a classical music education, but my heart beats to rhythmic music. I love rock, EDM sounds and hits. My own music emphasizes all different styles of music, there is rock and new wonderful contemporary EDM pop played with classic gestures. In addition, improvisation is present in my playing, such elements and spices come in every song, so let’s live in the moment and go!

The artist also promises to live in the moment at her SemiLive gig on Friday.

– At the SemiLive gig, I want to take people on a wild party trip, around the world. Awesome, that I have accordionist-pianist Samuli Jokinen with me! We have so much fun playing together that new ideas may come up in the middle of a gig. The gig will include rock hits through the ages and EDM songs, which are important to me! Sure, I want to play my own productions. The great atmosphere is coming and I want to get people off their couches to have a party!

Elisa Järvelä will perform as a duo on Friday 17th of April at 19pm (UTC+3) on SemiLive.
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