Finnish pop singer Irina believes livestream gigs bring joy to homes - she promises to sing songs that can be sung along

Irina, one of Finland's brightest pop stars will be performing on SemiLive's stage on Friday 27 March. at 7pm.

Irina is known for her numerous radio-hits and she is currently working on her 6th studio album. She is an Emma-award winning artist and last spring she charmed the Finnish TV-audience on the “Tähdet, tähdet” show. Irina is the first artist to step up on the SemiLive stage and entertain the audience.

In this situation, the idea is to try something new and see how it works. This experiment can also bring joy to many homes. I have received very positive feedback after the publication of this gig. There are people who can't come to gigs because of physical limitations, age, financial situation or living in a different country. The live stream opportunity gives everyone access to the gig, Irina says.

Coronavirus left musicians and other professionals without work, at least for a moment. Irina hopes people will follow the instructions given to everyone.

I have noticed that every day is different. As a rule, everything is fine, the family is together and healthy. At times, however, all possible emotions come on the same day. It is frustrating that many people are indifferent to all of this. The state is acting surprisingly fast and providing exceptional relief to various parties, but it also does not help if people do not act as desired and are not voluntarily in their own circumstances.

Most uncomfortable thing is uncertainty. The tour, which started in late January, is now on break. If all 20 remaining gigs are canceled, that's a big financial loss for everyone. I'm already worried about the summer, I have waited for those events and festivals, Irina says.

Irina says that her next album contains many great songs. However, she promises to play well-known songs on her upcoming SemiLive gig.

The setlist is still under construction, but it will be quite similar to the gigs in general. Lots of familiar songs that you can sing along with at home, and if you get really wild you can also dance!

Irina’s gig at on 27th of March at 19:00

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