Everyday life has changed in many families with children - Käpylehmä Orchestra promises the premiere of Käsienpesulaulu (Hand Washing Song)!

On Thursday 2nd of April the Käpylehmä Orchestra entertains the youngest in the family with their music. Children, together with an adult, can interact with the band through chat! The band's pianist, composer and founder Anni Sarasti and singer Jenny Jumppanen are excited about the upcoming gig.

— It's really fun that now all of our listeners around Finland can participate. This is new and exciting. We already had a meeting on what we need to keep in mind now that the audience is not physically with us: new tricks need to be invented to achieve interactivity. Livestream gigs are an interesting and fun challenge - this could continue to be a great way for us to play also in the future, Sarasti thinks.

Known for its interactive performances, Käpylehmä also captures the viewer at home - while the broadcast is running, a chat window pops up below the video. Adults can to sign in and answer Käpylehmä’s questions together with the little ones!

— It is certainly difficult for the child to understand this time and all the worries about it. The full extent of the crisis may not be handled by a small mind, but still the child should have the flexibility and understanding that they can't see their friends the way they used to, and now they can't go to HopLop or swim. It's great that many people working on children's culture have taken on the responsibility of addressing these issues from a children's perspective, Sarasti describes.

— That is why it is a privilege to be involved as a children's music orchestra in SemiLive and also to bring a gig to the kids. Many things have been revolutionized at homes when there is a lot to do within the four walls, but it is still great to have experiences and cultural services in everyday life with a low threshold and a minimal workload for the participant. So it's really wonderful to do this gig and maybe our performance will bring a joyful break and a glimmer of light to this moment, Jumppanen hopes.

Sarasti and Jumppanen are looking forward to the show and have also developed something special for the SemiLive gig together with other band members, Antti Wuokko (guitars, vocals) and
Jere Kolehmainen (percussion, vocals).

— For us, the SemiLive gig is a whole new and exciting gig experience with chats, cameras and remote connections. However, we will bring along a lot of Käpylehmä’s own songs, and the atmosphere is certainly fun. In addition, washing your hands is now extremely important! This is where we, have developed our own medicine: our gig will include the world premiere of Käpylehmä’s own hand-washing song, Jumppanen and Sarasti promise!

Käpylehmä's gig at semilive.fi on 2nd of April at 16.00 (UTC +3)

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