“Church ruins gave special atmosphere together with outstanding lightning” – Interview with Eicca Toppinen from Apocalyptica


This season’s last Tuska Utopia episode takes the torch bearers of cello metal, Apocalyptica, to perform at the ruins of the medieval Church of St. Michael. The episode premieres on Friday, 27th of November 2020, at 9pm (UTC +2) and the ticket includes viewing rights for 48 hours. SemiLive interviewed Apocalyptica’s Eicca Toppinen about the spectacular concert and future plans.

What is Apocalyptica and it’s members working on right now?

– First of all we’ve been getting ready and doing all preparations (mixing etc) for the release of Tuska Utopia show. Beside that we have been doing pretty much our own things but last week we gathered together for a week to brainstorm what to do next. As it doesn’t look promising to get back on stage soon, we luckily got lots of other plans to work on and the upcoming winter looks pretty exciting now with loads of work. We will tell you more once we’ve got further..

Photo: Anastasia Pajanen

How was it to film this Tuska Utopia episode? 

– This was an amazing opportunity to do something inspiring during these times. We did a few streams earlier this year and this one had an interesting approach plus a big professional team to create something different this time. The setup was great, church ruins gave a special atmosphere together with outstanding lightning. Hardest part was the weather, when the sun set down, this massive humidity landed and stayed inside the walls and the air was technically ice. The cellos tend to change very much with the temperature and humidity and icy cold air is also the worst for muscles and fingers. But even though it was lots of pain it was super fun too!!!

How would you describe the location and atmosphere of your concert – Church of St. Michael?

– The ruins felt like a combination of church and a castle. I think these kinds of ancient walls full of details and structure are telling you some stories and wisdom, they’ve also seen terrible things happen as well as good. This kind of grounded energy gives a perfect surrounding for our music I think.

What are your favourite places in the world?

-– It’s kinda impossible to name any as our planet is full of beauty and places which are amazing in their own ways. I am personally a big nature lover so I prefer places with strong performance of nature. Lapland in Finland, Mountains in Norway, Alps, Rocky Mountains, Ocean and jungle in Mexico and Southern America. And I have been lucky to find warm and sweet hearts people basically everywhere in the world.

What are the best things in Finland?

– Finnish people are quite good on taking things as they are without additional bullshit. I love that I can trust their words and actions. We also have lots of beautiful nature, fresh air, fresh food, safe society, reliable governmental instances etc.

How do you see the future of live stream concerts? 

– I think it is a great way to do cool things and reach your fans and audience from time to time. It is still never gonna replace the magic of a real live connection between the artist and the audience. So it's a cool thing to do but not much more. Works as a plaster until the serious action can begin again and then as a side tool.

Why should EVERYONE watch this amazing upcoming stream concert?

– Because it's simply amazing!!! It’s great deeply emotional music with intense and soulful performance, mixed, decorated, filmed and edited in the most professional way. Simply great!!!

Apocalyptica @ SemiLive 27.11.2020

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