Build a bar counter in the living room and wear your neon tights on– Rony Rex hosts the party in your home!

Rony Rex, known as a talented DJ, musician and radio host, hosts a guaranteed Saturday night party through SemiLive. This multi-skilled guy has also experience of livestream gigs, and these gigs have been an important things in his career.

– I started doing streaming gigs back in 2015 when Facebook got a live feature. I have done those ever since and from anywhere, in the middle of the Baltic Sea, from a shark tank and a plane, Rony recalls.

Rony started his career as a DJ, but later started making his own music as well. The prevailing and even difficult period of isolation has created more joyful features for his music rather than negativity. His new single Drip was released in April.

– Now I've done a lot of upbeat music, even in this situation, the production could have gone pretty dark club music. The new music is uplifting, maybe even a bit of bittersweet stuff, but I wanted to look for such more positive feelings. I have inspired by the light, the peace and space, Rony says.

He has sought peace and space outside the city.

– I have spent time at the cottage, however, inside the borders of Uusimaa. It's been really good. I've been meditating and trying to think of new things. What am I and what do I do? It has given a lot, he describes.

Despite the quieter period, Rony Rex thinks people need parties on Saturday, and plans to offer the club evening for homes.

– Anyway, parties are needed now! I promise to do a two-hour show and make a good party atmosphere. I would like to get everyone up from their couches and dance. The bar counter can be built in the living room and neon tights would be a good bonus! But no worries if you don’t own those. This evening is still going to be great, he promises.

Lastly, he raises another important point.

– Also juniors can join! They have awesome energy and they are even the funniest audiences ever, Rony laughs.

Rony Rex @ SemiLive 9.5.2020: Tickets & more info

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