Bubbly drinks out! Piia Tuovinen's gig is emotional and pulsating.


Piia Tuovinen's Paljaana gig can be found as a recording on SemiLive's website. The gig was Piia's first streaming gig, and it was filmed in a studio located in Joensuu in the middle of nature.

– Organizing a streaming gig was a strange but awesome experience. Just me and five cameras in the studio. In that awkward situation, you must be as natural as possible and try to use your imagination as well as possible. I tried to imagine all the people and audiences around me. The gig was filmed in a same studio where we also produced Paljaana Album. This studio is located on the riverbank in the heart of nature. There the mind rests and can forget the world around it.

Piia's debut album Paljaana release date has not been locked yet, but it is coming out soon. She has written and composed her own album, and it has been written in part twice.

– The release date of the album has not yet been decided. We will make some small tweaks to it, but we will finish the album soon. Making a record has been a tremendously cleansing and encouraging experience for me. This album has been worked on for many years and I have a bit like happened to come into the music industry. When you compose, write, and produce your music all by yourself, there are quite a few threads in your hands. So, when the record is finally out, it is an awesome job after spending thousands of hours on the record. Wonderful that I dared to go make my own music.

– I have basically written this album twice. The first album was written in a year and then I went and offered it to a record company but could not get through. I want to keep the reins in my own hands and keep them still, but I got good advice, met, and networked with people, and it felt like some things in the album were still worth rethinking. I was constantly learning more about myself, my voice, and my style, so I decided to rewrite certain songs. In a way, more of them were opened. Now it is kind of done twice in a way, but that is good, it is not worth rushing.

In addition to the older production, unreleased songs from the upcoming album can also be heard at the gig. The songs on the album tell of the normal life and situations that people face.

– The atmosphere of the show is very authentic, honest, and open. After all, I am just as naked in front of people and I try to make and perform music the way I am, that is, down to earth and genuinely. After all, the songs on the album talk about everyday normal life and the situations that people face. It is represented by my song and the atmosphere of the album could be described as cozy or warm. it deals with a lot of topics that touch a lot of people and that might be the reason why I like to listen to my music. It makes people feel very own. Many have experienced the same and the same things as what the texts focus on. I recommend that those who watch the gig put the bunch in the fridge and enjoy the gig in front of the beak, so they get the best atmosphere.

Piia considers authenticity to be her strength in music. Piia believes that if the music touches, nothing will stop it.

– My strengths in music are that I can be genuine and consider myself genuine in front of people. I treat things like normal people, and I am a very approachable person. People feel that I can help them through music and my own feelings. I can write a text that bumps into people who have already seen life, and it is important to me that people identify with the lyrics and get them excited and touched. If the music touches, then nothing stops it, but it passes from person to person and from radio to radio. Music is my passion, and I cannot describe what else I would do when I was big. Whenever I get on stage and perform to a large or small audience, the strong feeling of being at home is the driving force that helps move forward in my career.

Piia expects new music and the opportunity to tour around Finland soon in the form of gigs. Piia also makes music for her listeners, so seeing them at live shows is important. While streaming gigs are a good option to bring music to people, Piia already misses live gigs.

– I work a lot to get as heard as possible everywhere in the music world. It is a different world for such an unknown self-employed person. It has been hugely challenging, but I still believe that music touches people and takes you to cross borders in the future. Now here in Kuopio, gig venues will open, so live music could be performed and hopefully in the future we will be able to sell our music and meet people at gigs. I make this music with a big heart for People, and then there is no need to sing alone at home.. I hope for more music in the future. I have been doing it all the time, but now that we get the record out, let us celebrate it and start touring Finland.

– In a way, it is great that such a second channel has been invented to bring music to people. There are no barriers to streaming, even if there is a pandemic or other life-stopping event. However, I wish that streaming gigs would not be the main thing because we as artists need that audience and the people around it because then we will be able to experience the performance as its fullest when the audience cheers along and lives with those songs.

Check out tickets & more info about "Paljaana" concert here.

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