Amorphis’ unique anniversary gig can be seen again on SemiLive!

The legendary Amorphis celebrated its 30th anniversary in a special way: after the corona messed up the original plans, the band performed on SemiLive via a stream in early June.

Fans living in different time zones were taken into account and Amorphis played as many as two unique gigs during the day. Now the much desired latter gig is back in SemiLive - so bring the popcorns and enjoy the show!

In an interview in the spring, guitarist Tomi Koivusaari’s expectations for a different kind of show were high, and he described the set lists of the gigs “as if they were journeys.” The fans were taken on a musical journey and the latest feedback received in the audience chat nailed the message: expectations were met.

Now you can experience Amorphis’ gig again or for the first time with 48 hours viewing rights or even 7 days of viewing rights at

Amorphis 30th Anniversary - Stream From The North Side

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