“After this break and everything we feel young and hungry! Well ok not-so young but hungry!” — Amorphis is ready for the SemiLive gigs


Amorphis is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, and now is the first chance to celebrate it together with the band through SemiLive. We interviewed Tomi Koivusaari, guitarist of Amorphis, about band’s journey and his thoughts about the upcoming live stream gigs.

Photo by: Lars Johnson

– Who would guess that we would still be around after 30 years...not me! This whole band which we formed as teenagers became my life-work. No, more than that, this became my life, huge part of it and huge part of me as well. I really don't know what I'd come without this. It's been giving so much, new friends, travelling all around the globe, outdoing myself as I never have liked performing like in overall, with band it's something I can't describe enough how much fun it is. It gave me self-confidence, purpose for doing things, living by doing music. That was my dream when I first touched electric guitar at 12 years age. I still don't believe it became true.

Even if Tomi’s and other band’s members careers has been incredible, Tomi says there are also unwanted things including these years.

– In other way it of course have taken a lot from my personal other life, I have missed almost every birthdays of my children because of heavy touring and so on. Missed lot of time with them. Also of course my friends from other relations learned decades ago that I will skip every parties and so on. But that's life, in other hand I sometimes have few months without having anything else to do than focusing to my kids, girlfriend and friends. I wouldn't change anything. Not much at least, haha!

Amorphis is waiting for these two SemiLive stream gigs and thinks that this is the best way to make a connection to their fans in this situation. Also they haven’t done any live stream gigs before.

– We have done like acoustic session in Genelec Artist Room, which is like gig for cameras but it wasn't send live though. And it was acoustic. Some TV shows...But never like this, whole show, on live, with full arsenal of songs, lights and production. Gonna be interesting and exciting as well. Specially now when this whole situation of world feels so strange, overall of course but also because we have no idea when we get to real gigs next. Overall in "normal" situation I don't know wether to do it or not, why not, but it would miss the response and interaction with the audience and fans, which makes at least the half of the show... But in this situation where we are now that feels the only connection to our fans, and I do believe that we will feel the connection somehow when playing. It is the power of music, hey!

There will be two SemiLive gigs with slightly different setlists.

– There will be some same songs, like some songs we feel like we have to have in both sets. But most of the songs will be different in both sets, just that we can build the set to have some journey from here to there to somewhere we need certain songs to open, lead or mislead. I would check them both if I was Amorphis fan.

Tomi says this is an interesting opportunity and all members of the band are excited.

– This will be new thing to us as well, so we feel quite excited. Production should be top notch, our regular great crew will be in charge as well so I feel very confident about everything. Also SemiLive production seems to be very professional, which was important to us if doing something like this. We also rehearsed after few months break as a band and it feels great to play again and songs are rolling like never before. After this break and everything we feel young and hungry! Well ok not-so young but hungry!

Amorphis @ SemiLive, June 3rd 2020

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