All Saint’s day Requiem - An emotional adaptation of the St Michel Strings from a classic work!


There is more to the calendar this coming weekend than just Halloween. In honor of the holiday on the coming Saturday 31th of October the line-up, led by Conductor Erkki Lasonpalo, will march well-known performers on stage.

St Michel Strings will perform the Pyhäinpäivän Requiem -concert. The tradition of soul fair compositions takes up more than 500 years. Gabriel Faurén’s Requim was completed in 1900. He began sketching for the work as early as 1887.

Erkki Lasonpalo, who will be the conductor in the Saint’s day celebration concert, was appointed to conduct the Lappeenranta and St Michel Strings in 2019. As an artistic partner, Erkki has been with the St Michel Strings Orchesta since 2017. He has gained international experience in conducting the Iceland SymEphony Orchestra.

The soprano soloist of the concert is Helena Juntunen. She is one of our brightest soprano stars of the moment, which has also gained international fame. Helena’s professional breakthrough was Margaretha’s role in Gounou’s Faust at the Savonlinna Opera Festival in 2002. Since then, an expressive interpreter of lyrical repertoire has sung herself into the hearts of opera audiences around the world. Helena began her singing studies at the age of 15 at the Oulu Conservatory as a student of Airi Tokola. Juntunen’s career started with many competition victories, the most important being the victory of the women’s series of the Lappeenranta singing competition in 2002.

Baritone Juha Kotilainen from Raahe has had a long career in opera, visiting the National Opera since 1986. He has also been seen on the stage of the Savonlinna Opera festival as well.

The choir parts of the Saturday’s concert will be handled by the vocal ensemble Luminos Ensemble from Rusko. As a result of the skilful sound work of its director Sauli Hannuksela, the band’s sound and work have become more professional year by year. The Luminos Ensemble, which consists of 14 female singers, performs a wide variety of a cappella works as well as accompaniment repertoire.

This Pyhäinpäivän Requiem -concert will be unforgettable. The warm-hearted work emphasizes human emotions, comfort and peace instead of drama.

Check the concert & tickets here!

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