“All I needed to find my own sound was a person who knew how to find it” – and so was made Johanna von Hertzen’s debut album Kasuaalii.

Singer-songwriter Johanna von Hertzen performs on semilive.fi together with her band. The artist released her debut album Kasuaalii on April 30th.

– When I first met Sami Selei, the producer of Kasuaalii, I couldn’t imagine what impact that encounter had. Sam became both a good friend of mine and a musical supporter who kept repeating that “yes you can do it when you try” or “take a break now”. Sami helped me find my own voice as both a writer and a singer, and as our collaboration deepened, I began to believe that I could make music.

Johanna's music career under her own name began with the idea of ​​making only one song.

– At first we talked about making only one song, but of course it escalated with the idea that “it’s not worth to go to the studio for a one song”. Suddenly so many songs were made that the album started to feel like a natural next step. After the third single release, we got gigs and put together an amazing band. I appreciate my bandmates much. Sami, Sampsa, Aki and Tuukka are all talented musicians and wonderful guys - with whom you won't get bored on any trip or gig.

Johanna’s debut album was released in late April. The name of the album's opening track eventually ended up as the name of the album and for good reason.

– The title of the album Kasuaalii was determined at the very last minute, and I'm really happy with it. The album is full of love in everyday, casual forms. There is sadness, giving up and supporting. There was no real happy ending on this album, but that's depends mostly about the author as well…

– At the SemiLive gig, we play all our published songs, ie not only the songs on the album, but also Seilataan and Juna. I promise that the energy charge is a hundred and you may need handkerchiefs also. Live chat and your feelings will also be followed during the gig, and questions will be answered at SemiLive Instagram after the gig!

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