Air guitar party at home lets your inner child loose!


SemiLive interviewed two air guitar world champions. Justin “Nordic Thunder” Howard from the USA who is an air guitar world champion 2012 and Champion of Champions 2021. Second interviewee is Eric “Mean Melin” Melin from the USA who is air guitar world champion 2013.

Justin and Eric started their champion journeys different ways, but the joy of air guitar had been part of their lives from early 2000s.

“I have been playing air guitar for as long as I can remember, but it was in my 20s that I really started exploring the absurdity of air guitar. In the early 2000s I was playing air guitar in my friend's living room to Iron Maiden when I moved my body weirdly and collapsed to the floor. Long story short, I wound up in the hospital and was told that I tore the meniscus in my knee, and it would require surgery.  The VERY NEXT DAY I saw a poster in Chicago advertising a U.S. Air Guitar competition.  I was surprised a competition even existed and I was equally as upset that I couldn't compete because I wasn't even able to walk. I ended up having knee surgery and sort of forgot about the air guitar competition until 2006 when I saw another flyer that the competition was coming back to Chicago.  This time I thought "This is the most ridiculous thing ever and I want to the best in the world at being a complete idiot".  I have been competing since 2006 and have been so blessed by the gods of air.” – Justin says.

Eric’s champion journey started later with Air Guitar Nation documentary, that was released in 2006, but he found the joy of air guitar playing before that.

“I saw the documentary Air Guitar Nation and couldn't believe there were so many people around the world just like me! I immediately started watching YouTube videos for research and started working up a competitive routine.”

Air guitar has given Justin an opportunity to travel the world and he believes that air guitar can change the world.

“Air guitar has given me the opportunity to travel the world and meet the kindest people all while having fun and by being myself.  I haven't ever lost sight of the absurdity of air guitar, but I have gained a greater appreciation for the art of air guitar.  It truly is an art form and one that has a message very close to my heart.  I fully believe that air guitar CAN change the world for the better and I have witnessed it firsthand on countless occasions.”

Imagination plays a big part in the air guitar industry. Its suitable activity for everyone and it has no limits. Air guitar is expression of your own creativity and love for music.

“I think the best part about playing air guitar is the act of just PLAYING.  Air guitar allows the performer to enter a state of childlike magic where you are only limited by your own imagination.  I believe there is something incredibly freeing about this and it's an opportunity to return to your inner child.  A place where no judgement is cast, and a state of unconditional love and fun truly blossom if one is willing to allow it to do so.  Air guitar is a suitable activity for anyone of any age because we ALL have a child that lives inside of us whom has never left our souls.  And if given the invitation to come out and play, people young or old I believe can find the art of air guitar to be very enriching.” – Justin says.

“The best thing about playing air guitar is that everyone already has one – it's made of air! And there's no right or wrong way to do it. It's an expression of your own creativity and love for music, especially for people like me who can't dance!” – Eric says.

Air Guitar Party at Home is suitable activity for home, school, birthday parties or even workplace.

“Air Guitar Party at Home is exactly what it sounds like!  It's a party you can bring into your home, corporate office, birthday party or just because you want to have some fun with your friends while rocking out in your living room. The program revolves around playing air guitar, but it also gives a look into the community of air guitarists that literally sprawls across the globe.  It's an invitation to become part of something bigger than ourselves that has a mission to better the planet all the while having an incredibly fun and weird time.” – Justin says

“The world's best air guitarists will teach you all you need to know about the rich history of competitive air guitar and walk you through the basics, impart some advanced wisdom, and give you insider tips along the way. You'll get certified as an expert and receive a playlist of classic air guitar tracks so you can hold your own competition or just rock out with your friends.” – Eric adds.

Making the Air Guitar Party at Home has been stressful but also inspiriting project for Justin and Eric. It brought together champions from all over the world.

“Honestly, I found myself a little stressed out at times while making the Air Guitar Party at Home!  But that stress was stress I was applying to myself and not from anyone at the Air Guitar World Championships team. I wanted to make sure I captured all of my parts as best as I could to help create the absolute best product possible. I knew there were so many others contributing to the bigger picture and I wanted to make sure I also stepped up my game and was contributing the best possible material I could.  n the end, I was so excited to see everyone's material placed together and felt a nice sense of accomplishment. The fact that we all created this program while simultaneously living in different parts of the world I think speaks volumes about everyone's professionalism and their abilities to work together as a team.” – Justin says.

Playing air guitar is about creativity, togetherness and stepping out of comfort zone that can be seen also in the Air Guitar Party at Home.

“People should play air guitar if they are looking for something that could enrich their lives by becoming a member of a community of good-hearted individuals who like to have fun and project love and positivity into the world.  And all the things that come along with that journey such as becoming confident in front of people, making friends with people and YOURSELF, learning ways to be creative, getting in touch with one's inner child and also healthily stepping out of one's comfort zone and doing so in a safe place that is supported by those around you. All these things I believe are ways in which we can evolve as human beings and air guitar can be a catalyst for that.  Oh yeah, did I mention it's also FUN?!“ – Justin says.

“Never before has the totality of this global phenomenon, been so approachable and succinct. There's a lot to digest, and I think we've packaged up a ton of helpful info and general outright craziness into one hell of a fun package. The Air Guitar World Championships are for everyone, and they bring people from all walks of life together in the name of individuality and world peace. I think you'll get that feeling of belonging and togetherness from the Air Guitar Party at Home.” – Eric says.

“If you want to have fun in a room with your friends or colleagues while stepping into the world of rock and roll and transforming yourself into the rock and roll god or goddess that you were born to be, then THIS is the party for you.” – Justin says.

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