SEMILIVE - Playback test

Video playback test

On this page you can test and make sure SemiLive broadcasts works on your device without issues.

Below you should see a video player. Click the play button to start the playback test. If you don't see the play button, then your device is not supported (some Smart-TV models).

Tip: if you have Chromecast media player and you use Google Chrome browser to view the video, you can cast the live stream to your TV by following clicking the CAST icon in the video player (PC and Android only).

For mobile devices, you should use our SemiLive mobile app to cast the streams to your TV!

Internet speed test

You will need at least 4Mbps (10Mbps recommended) internet connection (download speed) to make sure the live stream runs smoothly without playback hickups. You can test your internet speed by using the speedtest below. Star the test by clicking the large "GO" button. Test your internet speed before purchasing a ticket!

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