TangoLab: Joakim Berghäll

Tango Meets Jazz

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TangoLab: Joakim Berghäll - Tango Meets Jazz (Livestream)

Inspired by Astor Piazzolla and Gerry Mulligan’s collaboration in the 1970s, theinstrumentalist Joakim Berghäll and Finland’s leading tango nuevo quintet Nuevo Quinteto Otra Veztake their listeners through a cross-genre journey of exploration into the wonderful world of musicwhere TANGO MEETS JAZZ.

Based in Helsinki, Joakim Berghäll is a musician and composer allergic to all sorts of boundaries. Berghäll's main instruments include the saxophone, tenor, baritone, alto and soprano, but he also masters the cello, percussion, bass and guitar with ease. As a composer, Berghäll has written for small jazz ensembles, chamber ensembles and orchestras. Most of this works can be hear performed by Finnish ensembles. Besides composing, Berghäll teaches saxophone at the Conservatory of  Vantaa and at the music camp of Nilsiä during the summers. Berghäll current bands include: Tsuumi Sound System, Auteur Jazz, Astro Can Caravan, Saarikorpi Brom, Fredator and The Kling. He has also performed with UMO, Väsen, Frigg, Die Deutsche Kammerfilharmonie Orchestra, teh orchestras of Ville Leinonen and Sakari Kukko.

Considered to be one of the leading tango nuevo quintets in the world, Nuevo Quinteto Otra Vez is dedicated to the creative work of music by composing, arranging, improvising, and exploring new possibilities in tango. The group continues the legacy of the Argentinean tango, but also explores a new one with virtuosic and profound control, creating the prerequisites for the national and international success of this group.

TangoLab is Nuevo Quinteto Otra Vez's and BMusic's own music laboratory, which creates unique musical experiences for the audience. TangoLab offers its listeners much more than what the word  “tango” is traditionally understood to mean. The word tango, deriving from the Latin language, means ‘touch’, and touching the audience with music is precisely the goal of TangoLab.

Welcome to experience all that tango can be and most of all what you never imagined it could be to be!

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