Boxing fitness circuit

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PT KRISSE - Boxing fitness circuit

With this workout, you put your entire body muscles to work and raise your heart rate! With the help of punches, you open the neck-shoulder area, which is a strong recommendation for this training for terminal workers as well! The workout includes warm-ups, a short technical section, as well as muscle fitness and punches combined and as three-movement series.

The fitness circuit is suitable for you who want to improve your fitness and work out the muscles of the whole body effectively. In more challenging movements, variations are given, so the workout is also suitable for those with less workout backgrounds.

Kristiina “Krisse” Kivistö

“Hello, I'm Kristiina (Krisse) Kivistö, a trained personal trainer, fitness boxing instructor and nutrition coach from Helsinki. My own enthusiasm for exercise was found through boxing, and I competed for 7 years.

The best achievements from the racing career are e.g. the Finnish championship in 2016 and 2018 and the Nordic championship in 2018.

In addition to boxing, training backgrounds have been accumulated, for example, from gym and body weight training, and nowadays hobbies also include yoga and pole dancing. I do personal coaching and boxing guidance through my own company in Helsinki and the surrounding areas, and now also remotely!

My clientele includes people who want to solidify, improve their fitness or get energy for everyday life!"



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