Hans Välimäki and SemiLive start cooperation! As a result, SemiLive's service offering will be further expanded, this time in the form of virtual cooking schools. Hans Välimäki is a top Finnish chef who is familiar from many television programs. He has been seen in Kuppilat kuntoon, Hans Välimäki!, Hansin matkassa and Top Chef Finland.

A virtual cooking school called Hans at Home will start on Maundy Thursday, April 1. In SemiLive. It prepares Easter dishes together with Hans.

Cooking school for every home

SemiLive interviewed Hans Välimäki and producer Santtu Palmi about the coming cooking school. Hans says the idea of virtual cooking has been present throughout the Korona period.

– Virtual Cooking Schools have been a familiar thing since last spring, when I did 22 streams for ISTV from home, Hans says.

– Then a few people asked if it would be possible for me to do such a service. The viewers' wish came true and we were in fact the first, or at least among the first, to make a virtual cooking school in Finland.

– We have developed the concept and now families, individual home chefs and friend groups get to cook together.

Hans and Santtu are committed for giving everyone a comfortable and tasteful moment in these otherwise difficult times.

– The idea of the cooking school is to be a nice experience, where good food is easily created, Santtu explains.

Available and affordable ingredients

Hans and Santtu want to create a cooking school experience that everyone has the opportunity to participate in. The ingredients used are readily available in stores and the prices remain reasonable.

– The idea is that the livestream lasts a maximum of one and a half or two hours. We don’t want the experience to be in any way too complicated or long-winded.

– The aim is to keep the dish mountains under control, a relaxed atmosphere and to keep the cooking pleasing from start to finish. Also interesting in this concept is how to make something new out of the usual ingredients, Hans says.

– Let's do it in peace and without haste, Santtu adds.

Participants will receive a trade list in advance and recipes for themselves

– The training leaves all participants with recipes for the dishes to be prepared during the stream. I think the recipe is learned when it stays in the back of the head, and at some point, you find yourself modifying it to your own preferences. No recipe is perfect, but they must live with the times.

– If those involved after the stream have a good mood and a tasty food on the plate, we have succeeded, Santtu adds.

For the first "Hans at Home" stream, Hans has created an Easter-inspired menu: Salmon Sashim as an appetizer, lamb "iskender" as the main course and fried chocolate mousse as a dessert. Everyone who buys a ticket to the cooking school will receive an exact shopping list and a recipe week before the stream.

– You should go to the grocery store a couple of days before Maundy Thursday's stream so that the fresh ingredients don't have time to go bad, Hans reminds.

– And no worries, if Easter Thursday does not fit on your schedule, you can watch the Hans at home stream later at a time when it suits you better, Santtu adds.

Tickets on sale 12.3. from here!

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Mikkeli Theater's children's play Reetta bear and the secret of a storybook can now be viewed on SemiLive! This is also the first theatrical performance on the service – but a sequel is promised.

In the story, Reetta bear and her friends dive into the storybook. But in what fairy tales are Reetta, the beaver Maisa and the bunny Peetu adventuring? And how on earth do they get out of the pages of the book? You can help friends on an adventure.


In roles
Reetta bear – Marjo-Riikka Romo
Maisa beaver – Riina Uimonen
Peetu bunny – Tuomas Turkka

Scriptwriter – Marjo-Riikka Romo
Director – Riina Uimonen

St. Michel Strings

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Great news from SemiLive at the end of this strange year. To enhance your experience and make it easier to watch concerts and other content, we have released the first version of the official SemiLive app! With the mobile app it’s now finally possible to cast the streams to your TV (Apple AirPlay or Google Chromecast).

At the same time we’ve also made it easier to watch the streams:

Download links to app stores can be found here: https://www.semilive.app

We will continue developing the app during next year. We will announce the new features as soon as they are ready 🙂

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Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki and SemiLive have started a collaboration in December 2020. The first artist of HRC Helsinki Live is Olli Herman, right after Christmas.

Olli Herman’s solo career has had a promising start since 2018. A talented rock singer also known from Reckless Love has released five songs in Finnish. The latest release 1 tapa rakastaa (One way to love) tells about a positive way of thinking of a happy man: everyday dreaming of small things, lightness to the different greys of winter while waiting for spring. Olli Herman Duo is a project with dear colleague Pepe Reckless from Reckless Love.

The show is hosted by well known musician, music producer, singer and bassist Lauri Hämäläinen. Lauri has worked with numerous gold and platinum selling artists in Finland and has produced original music in a wide range of styles and formats, ranging from radio to television.

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Do you have cultural vouchers with expiration date soon? No worries, you can now use them on SemiLive!

We’ve added Eazybreak and Smartum Saldo to our payment methods. You can use them by adding any concert tickets to your cart and choose cultural vouchers as a payment method.

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There is more to the calendar this coming weekend than just Halloween. In honor of the holiday on the coming Saturday 31th of October the line-up, led by Conductor Erkki Lasonpalo, will march well-known performers on stage.

St Michel Strings will perform the Pyhäinpäivän Requiem -concert. The tradition of soul fair compositions takes up more than 500 years. Gabriel Faurén’s Requim was completed in 1900. He began sketching for the work as early as 1887.

Erkki Lasonpalo, who will be the conductor in the Saint’s day celebration concert, was appointed to conduct the Lappeenranta and St Michel Strings in 2019. As an artistic partner, Erkki has been with the St Michel Strings Orchesta since 2017. He has gained international experience in conducting the Iceland SymEphony Orchestra.

The soprano soloist of the concert is Helena Juntunen. She is one of our brightest soprano stars of the moment, which has also gained international fame. Helena’s professional breakthrough was Margaretha’s role in Gounou’s Faust at the Savonlinna Opera Festival in 2002. Since then, an expressive interpreter of lyrical repertoire has sung herself into the hearts of opera audiences around the world. Helena began her singing studies at the age of 15 at the Oulu Conservatory as a student of Airi Tokola. Juntunen’s career started with many competition victories, the most important being the victory of the women’s series of the Lappeenranta singing competition in 2002.

Baritone Juha Kotilainen from Raahe has had a long career in opera, visiting the National Opera since 1986. He has also been seen on the stage of the Savonlinna Opera festival as well.

The choir parts of the Saturday’s concert will be handled by the vocal ensemble Luminos Ensemble from Rusko. As a result of the skilful sound work of its director Sauli Hannuksela, the band’s sound and work have become more professional year by year. The Luminos Ensemble, which consists of 14 female singers, performs a wide variety of a cappella works as well as accompaniment repertoire.

This Pyhäinpäivän Requiem -concert will be unforgettable. The warm-hearted work emphasizes human emotions, comfort and peace instead of drama.

Check the concert & tickets here!

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SemiLive and Tuska start cooperation!

Tuska, which operates under Finnish Metal Events Oy, is best known for the Helsinki based metal festival. The newly released Tuska Utopia series complements the Tuska family with a style that suits the current state of the world. The company's CEO Eeka Mäkynen talks about the cooperation and describes the Tuska Utopia concept as follows:

– Suddenly there was more time for event organizers last summer and this resource was harnessed for new development, the conception of Tuska Utopia which began in July. The frustration and slowdown caused by the lockdown served as a good counterweight to the birth of a new one. The enthusiasm among the entire team has been concrete!

– Two things that have been more and less closed are tourism and concerts. Tuska Utopia combines these two. The episodes will be unprecedentedly visual, high-quality, surprising hybrids of travel, metal aesthetics, concert and music video. I have to say with all my heart that really amazing stuff is coming!

The three episodes will receive their premiere in November, and the artists will be announced during late October and early November. The first episode features Turmion Kätilöt. All episodes will be seen and experienced through SemiLive.

– We scouted suitable platforms and service providers. SemiLive quickly proved to be the most noteworthy option. The most important thing for the selection was a good reference in past, securely executed paid transactions, as well as a passion for international expansion, Mäkynen tells.

Read more about Tuska Utopia here!

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The legendary Amorphis celebrated its 30th anniversary in a special way: after the corona messed up the original plans, the band performed on SemiLive via a stream in early June.

Fans living in different time zones were taken into account and Amorphis played as many as two unique gigs during the day. Now the much desired latter gig is back in SemiLive - so bring the popcorns and enjoy the show!

In an interview in the spring, guitarist Tomi Koivusaari’s expectations for a different kind of show were high, and he described the set lists of the gigs “as if they were journeys.” The fans were taken on a musical journey and the latest feedback received in the audience chat nailed the message: expectations were met.

Now you can experience Amorphis’ gig again or for the first time with 48 hours viewing rights or even 7 days of viewing rights at www.semilive.fi

Amorphis 30th Anniversary - Stream From The North Side

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Jaakko Antila, curator of the Mikkeli City Orchestra, is excited about the collaboration with SemiLive.

According to Jaakko, the Mikkeli City Orchestra has done streams before. These have been shown in the E-concerthouse and some of the recordings can be viewed on the orchestra’s Youtube channel.

- Smaller videos have been made occasionally. We haven’t investment into them so much, except for the quality of the production itself. The marketing side has been deficient. With SemiLive, we are upgrading to previous streaming activities.

Virtual gigs Jaakko sees it as a good alternative alongside traditional performance.

- Streaming gigs are a good addition to our activities today. We have done few free streams every year. The corona crisis created a need for more streams. This is a new product for the public, especially for those people who don’t dare or can’t go to the concert hall.

The upcoming concerts and streams of the autumn will include a varied performance as well as art from the caches of the archives. The Mikkeli City Orchestra’s autumn season will be opened by a father-son duo!

- The opening concert will be a special event that had to be postponed from the spring. Chief conductor Erkki Lasonpalo and his father, Concertmaster Jyrki Lasonpalo will perform in collaboration with Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante. The opening concert will also feature Arvo Pärt’s work Summa, which composer turns 85 on the day of the concert.

According to Jaakko, there will be various performances throughout the autumn.

- The aim is to make each season diverse. For example, we have a local collaboration with a music college. Among other things, a 120-year-old piano concerto by Laura Netzel found in the archive, which has never been premiered, will be performed. Ida Elina’s Christmas concert is also in the upcoming performances.

The Mikkeli City Orchestra is well prepared for the coming autumn season for live streams.

- Our concert hall (Mikaeli) is one of the best in Finland in terms of acoustics. I think the acoustics are conveyed well even through videos. The orchestra is always strengthened with additional instrumentalists if necessary. For example, the opening concert will have four blowers in addition. We have had the Saimaa Sinfonietta -orchestra for years so that we can play the music of a larger orchestra. Our standard line-up includes a 12-member string orchestra, which is supplemented as needed. With Lappeenranta we have 40-50 musicians. In other collaborations with other orchestras, up to 100 people in the line-up if the choir is included. Ther is room on the stage.

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Crossover thrash metal band Lost Society’s album release show, which was streamed last May via SemiLive, returns on sale on Thursday September 3rd at 12pm.

Lost Society released their new album No Absolution at the beginning of 2020 and they performed two gigs in May through SemiLive. The first gig, aimed at American audiences, was streamed in the early morning of Finnish time, and the second gig, planned for Europeans, was heard the following evening. Now the second gig will be back on sale at SemiLive and the insane album release spectacle will be possible to experience again!

Lost Society - No Absolution Album Release Show @SemiLive

9,99€ / 48h
19,99€ / 7 days (7 views)

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