Will SemiLive work on my device?

You can test the ticket code and playback functionality on this page.

Where can I watch the concert and buy a ticket?

You can watch the stream and buy the tickets from www.semilive.fi

Can the concerts be sold out?

No! there is no limit to the number of tickets/viewers.

Can I watch the concert outside of Finland?

Yes! From anywhere in the world!

Which payment methods can I use?

Currently you can pay the tickets with international credit cards, Mobile Pay, Finnish online banks, Smartum, Eazybreak, SemiLive Gift Cards and Paypal.

Is semilive.fi going to announce new concerts?

Yes! Follow our social media channels and you’ll be the first to hear about the latest releases!

Does semilive.fi broadcast only concerts from a certain genre?

No. We are going to stream concerts from different artists and genres.

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