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Jones Häkkinen is a musician, animator, producer and one of SemiLive's core team members. Jones' podcast Sunday Boyfriend is available to listen to on SemiLive. In his podcast, Jones wants to bring out a wide variety of stories.

– Communication has always been a part of my life experience. I've always believed in a lot of communication, and it has played a big role in my life. I believe in the possibility of podcasts as a mediator of stories, and we live in a time when we need diverse communication. We need stories and good people to tell those stories. In addition, we need people who know how to ask the right questions. I personally feel like I am the kind of person who has the ability to communicate with people naturally. I feel like I get a lot out of people and I can find a note with people that one converses naturally with. Also, I feel the ability to be interested in other people and maybe that’s exactly the kind of core thing in myself.

– The podcast combines this so that the ability to be really interested in a person brings out the best in that person. It brings out the story of what that person himself wants to tell. Maybe this is the way I have gone to shape the "Sunday Boyfriend" podcast. How do we get out of what a person really wants to tell us. Because it’s not necessarily what a person starts to say if they’re just asked a simple question.

– I think there is a strong need for us to hear a wide variety of stories and for us to have people who ask a wide range of questions. It is my own starting point as to why I wanted to start doing a podcast and why I believe that it is important to bring those stories up. We are all interested in something, but the fact that a person can be interested in others is a skill that can be learned.

Jones' podcast "Sunday Boyfriend" focuses on creativity and things that artists go through in Finland. In the future, Jones would like to bring everyday creativity in as well.

– There is a lot of talk about creativity as such a megatrend. So far, my podcast has dealt with a lot of other people's artistic processes, but also the paths that artists, for example, go through in Finland. Through in-depth interviews and in-depth discussions, those interesting, personal stories, and insights into how, for example, the music business operates in Finland are formed. Those things I think this podcast handles well.

– In the future, I would like to dive even deeper into how creativity and processes can also affect the lives of those who do not work in the creative industries. All people are creative, of course, but creativity manifests itself differently in their lives.

The Sunday Boyfriend podcast is for anyone interested in creativity and creative people. The biggest interest in the podcast has come from the connection to creative doing.

– The podcast has received the most feedback from people who experience a connection to creativity and the creative process in some way. The audience for a podcast is not one specific age group, but everyone is interested in creativity because a person experiences a connection to their creativity throughout their lives. I think the largest audience for the Podcast is made up of people who are interested in creative people and creators, but most of all, interested in their own creative process.

– That's one reason why I am interested in the future to expand a podcast to everyday creativity, because the biggest interest in the podcast has come from those people who are experiencing connection creative activities. That’s why I would like to create even more content for those who experience a connection to the creative process. But then on the other hand also for everyone who is interested in creativity. Creativity is the starting point in a podcast. However, I am also interested in social phenomena and human experience in general. Somehow those phenomena and social issues, though there will never be any political podcast here. One could say that such everyday creativity is the anchor in which direction I believe the Podcast will take shape in the future.

SemiLive currently offers the first season of Sunday Boyfriend. In the second season, audience will probably hear more about the factors of everyday creativity.

– In principle, one season has now been completed so far. Plans are still open, but probably a small format change is coming. I envision that in the next season I will perhaps seek more of the kind of everyday creativity and how creativity is reflected in working life and as a holistic experience through my own happiness to my own identity.

– SemiLive is a good channel for a Sunday boyfriend because SemiLive as a platform promotes similar things as I want to tell and promote. It is just such a creative experience to expand one’s own skills and one’s own creative identity, both as an audience and as an experiencer and author himself. Promoting it is part of my mission and that’s why I see that SemiLive’s offering, especially in the future, will be in sync with the Sunday Boyfriend podcast.

– I encourage everyone to listen to the first season of the podcast to know what has already been done and there are interesting stories. And most of all, the upcoming season of the podcast is sure to be a good addition to SemiLive’s other services. It will be a great experience for any SemiLive consumer.

Check out Jones' free podcasts on SemiLive here!

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