SemiLive and Tuska to collaborate - the unprecedented Tuska Utopia series is coming

SemiLive and Tuska start cooperation!

Tuska, which operates under Finnish Metal Events Oy, is best known for the Helsinki based metal festival. The newly released Tuska Utopia series complements the Tuska family with a style that suits the current state of the world. The company's CEO Eeka Mäkynen talks about the cooperation and describes the Tuska Utopia concept as follows:

– Suddenly there was more time for event organizers last summer and this resource was harnessed for new development, the conception of Tuska Utopia which began in July. The frustration and slowdown caused by the lockdown served as a good counterweight to the birth of a new one. The enthusiasm among the entire team has been concrete!

– Two things that have been more and less closed are tourism and concerts. Tuska Utopia combines these two. The episodes will be unprecedentedly visual, high-quality, surprising hybrids of travel, metal aesthetics, concert and music video. I have to say with all my heart that really amazing stuff is coming!

The three episodes will receive their premiere in November, and the artists will be announced during late October and early November. The first episode features Turmion Kätilöt. All episodes will be seen and experienced through SemiLive.

– We scouted suitable platforms and service providers. SemiLive quickly proved to be the most noteworthy option. The most important thing for the selection was a good reference in past, securely executed paid transactions, as well as a passion for international expansion, Mäkynen tells.

Read more about Tuska Utopia here!

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