Mariska and Sandhja star in the streaming concert - the performers speak for responsible fashion


Mariska & Jouni Aslak, Sandhja, The Black Bubbles and Johanna Von Hertzen will perform in the form of a joint concert at SemiLive on April 14, 2021! The purpose of the concert is to support the activities of the 1981 HELSINKI company, the other founder of which is Niina Klemetti, a member of The Black Bubbles. SemiLive interviewed the attending artists.

Mariska is a satisfied customer of the 1981 HELSINKI store and wants to support small businesses in difficult times. Mariska considers it important that the clothes have a face.

– I've been a satisfied customer of Helsinki in 1981, and when Niina told me about the support idea, I was happy to join.

– I find it nice when the production and design related to clothing takes place nearby and in an environmentally friendly way. It matters to me when my garment maker gets a face and it’s not just some cheaply produced product. Of course, I want to support small businesses at a time like this. Needless to say, the 1981 HELSINKI clothes look good in my opinion.

1981 HELSINKI represents similar values in the field of fashion as Jouni Aslak. He values sustainable development and believes that small businesses keep development going and the street scene interesting.

– I joined because 1981 HELSINKI represents the values I believe in in the field of fashion. Under the umbrella of sustainable development, high-quality and recycled products, exquisite designs, and unisex designs delight and are the perfect countermeasure to the prevailing fast-fashion culture, which no one admits to favoring, but whose market share still dominates the entire industry globally.

– I work as a “small entrepreneur” or, more truthfully, as a self-employed person, so I know how holistic a lifestyle is. The existence of small businesses, both in the clothing and non-clothing sectors, keeps development going and creates new ideas and ways of working. Thus, it also steers larger players, which are slower-turning ships. Moreover, without factors like the 1981 Helsinki, the street scene would be much duller.

Sandhja describes the concert to be held about the unity and camaraderie of your demonstration. It is also easy for the consumer to support small businesses regardless of the amount.

– The concert is a show of unity and camaraderie, not only for the 1981 HELSINKI vintage store, but for the survival struggle of all small business owners and artist colleagues in the Korona era!


– The consumer can most easily support a small business by buying the company's services and products, regardless of the amount, and by positively promoting the company's activities. Every form of support is important both financially and mentally; the community's demonstration of the importance of the company, combined with financial support, creates hope, and encourages the company's struggle to survive.

Niina Klemetti is a member of The Black Bubbles and one of the founders of the 1981 HELSINKI store. In addition to the 1981 HELSINKI store, participation in the concert also supports other Finnish small entrepreneurs.

– The concert will help us small entrepreneurs and through us also our subcontractors and suppliers. Our subcontractors are Finnish small entrepreneurs themselves, and we also buy our materials mostly from domestic players.

– By purchasing a ticket to the live stream, the viewer supports Finnish small entrepreneurs with a wide arc. The support of the concert will help the 1981 HELSINKI store to cope with fixed costs due to the loss of sales caused by the corona and to keep our subcontractors active until the end of spring, after which we hope to alleviate the situation in all respects.

Check out tickets & more info about the concert here.

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