Do you have muscle rigidity? A fitness circuit for everyone is now in SemiLive!


Kristiina “Krisse” Kivistö is a personal trainer, fitness boxing instructor and nutrition coach from Helsinki. Kristiina has now published the first fitness circuit in SemiLive, where the whole body gets movement using boxing techniques. We interviewed Krisse about the fitness circuit available from the SemiLive service.

–The workout is suitable for people of all ages and with basic health who want to improve their fitness at home. The workout is especially suitable for terminal workers because this workout really puts the shoulders in motion and with regular training, many have experienced boxing to ease the shoulder movements caused by terminal work. 

– It is a workout that loads the whole body, where the movements are done in sets of three against time. The workout uses boxing beats to raise your heart rate and do muscle fitness with your own body weight. So, no equipment is needed for the training.

There is no need to buy equipment for Kristiina's fitness circuit and the training is also suitable for those who have only little experience in fitness. The fitness circuit develops oxygen uptake and muscle endurance and is a good support for weight loss.

– In each movement, the most important things about techniques are discussed, which it is good to focus on. I have chosen the condition of the circuit movements so that they fit as many as possible. I also give easier variations for the challenging movements. I also go through boxing techniques, so it doesn’t matter if you have never boxed before! The punches are made by hitting the air, so there is no danger of hurting yourself, even if the punches are not perfect. But if you’ve never done squats or pushups, I recommend personal tutoring instead of online coaching. 

– I have chosen the condition of the circuit execution times, depending on that a little bit more experienced Trainer can also work up a sweat. but everyone still trains according to their own condition. It’s ok to do at a calmer pace than I do on video or for a shorter time. Your fitness will improve, and your endurance will definitely improve as you start training regularly. 

– Now, there is certainly a decrease in physical activity for many, when group exercise is on hiatus and work trips are canceled due to working remotely. In this workout, you will develop oxygen uptake and muscle endurance. In addition, you put blood around the neck–shoulder area and improve upper body mobility. The workout is also great support for weight loss. You will also get to know a little about fitness boxing.

Driving a fitness circle remotely is a new thing for Kristiina, but more trainings are also coming to SemiLive's service.

– Pulling the fitness circuit remotely requires familiarizing when you can't see or hear anyone. I would love to see the trainers and how the movements are made in training. However, it has been nice to get feedback from the participants after the workout. 

– The next fitness circuit focus on the thighs, buttocks, and middle body.

You can find Krisse's fitness course from this link!

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