Tatu Sinisalo & Riskiryhmä (SemiLive recording)

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Tatu Sinisalo & Riskiryhmä

«And this story is true.» Tatu Sinisalo & Riskiryhmä’s film tribute is Finnish rock music fireworks and anecdotes behind the scenes of the films! Riskiryhmä, that was separated from the Sibelius Academy as too talented, and Sinisalo together interpret Loiri, Haloo Helsinki, Apulanta, Kari Tapio, Olavi Uusivirta and a surprise artist. There is a Q&A opportunity at the gig, so you can ask actor Sinisalo about the role building or the best toilet paper brand, as he has promised to reveal all the silenced gossip and secrets of the film industry. We are the performance you couldn’t see! You support Finnish artists by watching Riskiryhmä’s live stream show from home. Long live music, movies and solidarity!

Riskiryhmä: Leevi Lehikoinen, Ville Luukkonen, Petri Kytö, Heikki Wikström

@tatusinisalo is known for his roles in the movies Olen Suomalainen (Jussi award candidate in 2020) as young Kari Tapio, Teit meistä kauniin (Audience Favorite Jussi 2017) as Toni Wirtanen, and in the musical Maailma on tehty meitä varten (2020)!

The gig will be streamed from the Riviera cinema (Kallio, Helsinki).
“A little old, most new. Rivera has lived many lives. It has been a garage and a workshop. It has been the Bio Kruunu and the musical theater Bolero. From 1977 to 1982, it was the Riviera, the previous Riviera. ”

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