Battle Beast (Tuska Utopia)

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This ticket is valid for 48 hours and allows you to view the show 5 times.
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Battle Beast

«We had an absolute blast recording this special set. The lights, the atmosphere and the drama are all there and the venue is one you won’t see anywhere else. Hope you all join us on this one from the secret stone castle!”
– Eero Sipilä / Battle Beast

Tuska Utopia series continues as Battle Beast shake the foundation of a secret stone castle with their party power metal on Friday, 20th of November 2020, at 9pm (UTC +2). With a scene like this, it is as epic as it gets! The ticket includes viewing rights for 48 hours.

Tuska Utopia:
Combining one-of-a-kind metal concerts, state-of-the-art music video aesthetics and an entertaining travel show, Tuska Utopia sees Finnish artists performing in intriguing landscapes in the global home of heavy metal. Each hour-long episode includes a concert, an interview with the artists and a tour of the location in the spirit of a travel show hosted by Samy Elbanna from the band Lost Society. The show is directed by Taku Kaskela, well-known for directing both TV shows and music videos. Tuska Utopia is a new concept created and produced by the team behind the Tuska Festival.

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Tuska Utopia
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